All our furniture and cabinets are handcrafted and manufactured in Melbourne. Using only selected grade materials. We believe that the quality is second to none.

Built-in display such as kitchen cabients and wardrobes can be remodeled to fit in your space. Come and speak to one of our lovely family team members to help you to work out a solution that suit you.

Edison blackwood solid timber bookshelf

Edison Blackwood Solid Timber Bookshelf

Size: 1090W x 335D x 1000H

Was: $1890.00

Now: $1390.00

Edison blackwood solid timber desk

Edison Tasmanian Blackwood Desk

Size: 1400W x 600D x 760H

Was: $2190.00

Now: $1690.00

Hamilton vinyl inlay timber desk

Hamilton Tasmanian Oak Vinyl In-lay Desk

Size: 1200W x 550D x 760H

Was: $799.00

Now: $480.00

Lincoln blackwood solid timber desk

Lincoln Blackwood Solid Timber Desk

Size: 1200W x 520D x 750H

Was: $1890.00

Now: $1490.00

Tucker Tasmanian Oak TV Unit

Size: 2000W x 530D x 600H

Was: $1750.00

Now: $890.00

free standing white entertainment unit with credenzas and hutches

Stephany Entertainment Unit

Size: 2450W x 580D x 2460H

Was: $6900.00

Now: $4890.00


Georgia Free-Standing White Bookcase

Size: 2000W x 2060H x 320D

Was: $2160.00

Now: $1980.00


Federal Tasmanian Oak Bookcase with drawer base

Size: 1187W x 475D x 2265H

Was: $2750.00

Now: $1650.00


Federal Tasmanian Oak Bookcase

Size: 900W x 330D x 2195H

Was: $1450.00

Now: $870.00


Federal Tasmanian Oak timber bookcase with credenza base

Size: 1165W x 480D x 2265H

Was: $2150.00

Now: $1290.00


Tasmanian Oak Bookcase with Doors

Size: 1204W x 330D x 2145H

Was: $1750.00

Now: $1050.00


Tasmanian Oak Timber Book Shelf

with glass doors and drawers

Size: 900W x 400D x 2000H

Was: $1950.00

Now: $970.00


Tasmanian Oak Timber Book Shelf

Size: 900W x 400D x 2000H

Was: $1550.00

Now: $770.00


Jonas Free-Standing Cat-Lacquer Bookcase

Size: 1050W x 320D x 2320H

Was: $1890.00

Now: $890.00

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