Your guide to kitchen renovations


Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Renovations Step one: Planning your kitchen



Planning a kitchen can seem like a bit of a nightmare. There are so many decisions to be made. Where do you start? None of us design kitchens every day. It’s likely you will only need to design a kitchen two or three times in a lifetime – if that. However, by working through the process in an ordered way, you can make sure you ‘tick all the boxes’ and arrive at the end of the process with a kitchen that suits your lifestyle, appeals to your aesthetic sense and doesn’t blow the budget!

What style of kitchen should you choose?


Kitchen Style

If your home already has an overall style, this may be an easy decision. In other instances there may be a number of kitchen styles that will work well in your home. Here are some of the most popular kitchen styles in Australia:




Traditional Kitchen Style

The traditional kitchen is elegant and has a timeless aesthetic. It has a modern look and feel and uses crisp white and fresh colours. It is comforting and inviting with traditional and contemporary elements carefully included. 

Details can vary considerably, yet vintage or period accents are common. Crisp white is often contrasted with the warmth of wood.


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