Country Style Aqua Kitchen

EasternBaltic | 15th September, 2019


Country Style Aqua Kitchen K-M-01

Mitcham Colonial Style Aqua Kitchen

Colonial Style Kitchen | Aqua Kitchen

This aqua colonial style kitchen will create a huge impact. Built with high quality timber and attractive handles, you will love the feel of your cosy colonial style aqua kitchen.

The aqua kitchen style is stunning and can let people think about the beach with ocean and blue sky. Compared the pure white style of kitchen, aqua kitchen can provide a different living experience. Also the colour in Morandi is popular these years, it is easy to find the suitable kitchen equipments and decoration in this color scheme.

Matched with stone bench tops, stainless steel sink and quality appliances, which brings a timeless look to your kitchen.

Bespoke kitchen can satisfy both design and functional demands. If you like the aqua kitchen for your home, then you’d better consult with our professional designer who will provide a proper suggestion based on your home’s condition and budget.

Modern Minimalist Kitchen

EasternBaltic | 6th August, 2019


Modern Minimalist Kitchen006

Modern Minimalist Kitchen with Butler Pantry

Modern Kitchen Design | Minimalist Kitchen

Minimalist modern kitchen design with the ultimate in luxury and practicality, a spacious butler’s pantry. Features hands free bi-fold servo drive kitchen cabinets and the elegance of the Blum LegraBox drawer system.

The beautiful island bench is Carrara White RHF Quartz stone with a single sink. The kitchen design team installed bespoke storage and appliance solutions such as a double oven, steamer, microwave and inbuilt coffee machine, tailored to the needs of the customer.

Modern minimalist kitchen featuring hands free bi-fold servo drive kitchen cabinets. Push open full extension kitchen drawers. Streamline design incorporates a spacious butler’s pantry.

Contemporary Kitchen

EasternBaltic | 6th August, 2019


Contemporary Kitchen002

Contemporary Kitchen

Contemporary Kitchen | Contemporary Kitchens Melbourne

The Contemporary kitchen is modern, streamlined and angular. Geometric features such as mosaictiled splashbacks can be used to individual creative effect. Primary materials tend to be man-made with some accent features employing natural materials, such as wood. Man-made materials including: stainless steel, laminate, frosted glass, concrete, mirror, aluminium and glass splash backs tend to dominate. Contemporary kitchens are all about simplicity using matt, gloss or woodgrain finishes with innovative handle-less doors a common feature.

Bespoke kitchen can satisfy both design and functional demands. If you like the contemporary kitchen for your home, then you’d better consult with our professional designer who will provide a proper suggestion based on your home’s condition and budget. A contemporary kitchen is all about the now and the future design, which is different from the modern design.

Modern Minimalist Kitchen

EasternBaltic | 1st August, 2019



Modern Minimalist Kitchen

Modern Minimalist Kitchen | Minimalist Kitchen

For minimalist kitchen, the minimalist movement began in the 1950’s.Today its simple clean lines are still very popular. You will have everything you need in your kitchen, but nothing you don’t. Modern minimalist kitchen focus on combination of function and aesthetics to represent a classic and easy to accessible result.

The natural qualities of the materials are fundamental to this style. Typically, great care is taken in choosing textures and surfaces that are seen as beautiful in themselves with no need of adornment.  A monochrome pallet is typical, with accents of colour here and there for personality. Storage is innovative, cleverly concealing appliances, bins and utilities to ensure clean lines are maintained.

The style employs squares, rectangles and simple vertical and horizontal lines. Characteristic geometric shapes are often reflected in the choice of tiles.

Bespoke kitchen can satisfy both design and functional demands. If you like the modern minimalist kitchen for your home, then you’d better consult with our professional designer who will provide a proper suggestion based on your home’s condition and budget. A minimalist kitchen is all about simple, not only simplify the kitchen but also your life.

Modern Colonial Kitchen

EasternBaltic | 26th June, 2019


Modern Colonial Kitchen04

Donvale Minimalist Kitchen

Clean lines are accentuated with stylish black Smeg appliances. This stunning kitchen features kitchen cabinetry with a 2PAC high gloss finish to add richness and dimension. Keeping in with the minimalist style, the pure white of the cabinetry is continued with the Carrara White marble benchtop.

Contemporary Transitional Kitchen

EasternBaltic | 25th June, 2019


Contemporary Transitional Kitchen cover

Contemporary Transitional Kitchen

Trusted Service Supplier of Kitchen Renovations in Melbourne

The contemporary traditional kitchen is very classic and suitable for most of style of decoration. This beautiful kitchen features custom kitchen cabinetry with a modern, handle free streamlined 2PAC high gloss finish. As the following pictures show, the pure white of the cabinetry offsets the rich Jarrah island benchtop, creating its central focus.

And, the Blum touch open tandem box drawers and storage system ensures organisation, convenience and durability.

With more than 20 years experience on kitchen design, Eastern Baltic is the most trusted service supplier of the kitchen renovations in Victoria, and Melbourne.

French Provincial Kitchen

EasternBaltic | 6th August, 2018


French Provincial Kitchen cover-french

French Provincial Kitchen

French Provincial Kitchen | Modern French Provincial Kitchen

French provincial kitchen has unfailing vitality for kitchen renovations. Our French style kitchens are charming and elegant, and add a cozy and character that resonates with anyone lucky enough to enjoy cooking time in it.

The ceramic tile splash-back in Aquamarine adds interest and individual flair to this sensational modern French provincial kitchen. Black butt solid timber bench tops are offset by spotted gum hardwood timber flooring. The gorgeous Shaker style crystal display cabinet is another highlight of this French Provincial style.

Practicality, beauty and functions of the modern French provincial kitchens are delivered by the Blum Tandem drawer system, Porcelain Chamboard double bowl sink and German made Vauth Sagel Corner unit storage system.

The modern French provincial style represents warm and cosy. But the modern French provincial style is different from French country style that is a kind of style that mixed of rustic elements and elegant details. Normally, the modern French provincial style uses the mix color of baby blues, antique whites, neutral based on muted coffees and also off-whites.

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